About Me

I'm passionate about the power of food.  Having optimised my nutrition to manage my own ongoing health condition without medication, I wanted to help others find wellness too.  This lifelong passion led me to read everything I could about nutrition. 


In 2015 that eureka moment became my mission and I started to focus on helping people to become their healthiest selves.

Good nutrition is the cornerstone of prevention of many illnesses and diseases and is crucial to a

vibrant, active, healthy life. In combination with daily movement practice, self-care and emotional

connection; these are the foundations of optimising your body and mind.


I’m excited about sharing the knowledge that I have been fortunate enough to have gained,

in a practical, easy to implement and fully supported programme, unique to each one of my clients.

Whether you have a long-term health concern, are looking to lose weight, for support in bringing

your hormones into balance, or are just fed up of feeling sluggish, tired or foggy-headed, together we put in place strategies to improve your symptoms. 


Contact me today for a free 15-minute telephone consultation. We can discuss your goals and  I can give you more information on how nutrition can work for you.

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