My goals were to get stronger and build muscle through a healthy diet that didn’t make me feel full and bloated.

 Jeni was able to tailor her recommendations to foods and eating habits that I would actually stick too, not just a generic unachievable aspirational diet. A few key targets helped me focus on what was most important to achieve from my daily diet.

I would highly recommend Jeni to help you achieve your goals and also provide fantastic tips and suggestions that you will continue to use beyond any focused plan.


DW 31/01/2019

Jeni takes so much time to understand you & your lifestyle in a completely non-judgemental way which makes her advice practical, realistic & individual.

Her advice has been very professional & very well researched. I know so much more about food & nutrition now & although my diet isn’t perfect, I understand the choices I make much better now.

I would wholeheartedly recommend Yum Nutrition to anyone who wanted real & good quality guidance on how to be more healthy.

AT 28/02/2019

What can I say about Jeni. She’s kind, knowledgable and most of all she listens! I first went to Jeni because I started doing CrossFit, but was struggling with my diet to support it.


Jeni has helped me extensively with changing my mindset towards food and helping me with my gym goals.

I am happy to say that things are on the up and I no longer need prescribed medication because of the changes that Jeni made. I honestly can’t thank her enough!


If anyone is thinking about contacting Jeni then I honestly can’t recommend her enough.

VM 03/08/2019

 Wow!!!! What can I say, I signed up for more knowledge on nutrition. I got this and more.


I lost a total of 12 cm from my waist and hips. Jeni has a fountain of knowledge, she was always on hand and supportive 24/7.


I would recommend this to anyone, wanting to change their food habits and change their association with food.


I will take all my knowledge gained forward into my daily life. Thank you 🙏 Jeni 😊

LS 30/04/2019

I first seen Jeni @ Yum Nutrition to help me find a little more energy during my recovery surgery on my knee, as I was exhausted constantly and unable to keep up with the physio and exercise need for me to make a full recovery. 


After my consultation Jeni asked me to make some simple alterations to my diet (not massively time consuming) and importantly explained the reasons why she felt the changes would help ! Well they did !!!


Made a full recovery from surgery lost a little weight and generally feel great.

Thanks Jeni

CH 10/09/2018


I have just done Jeni's programme called 6 Weeks to Superb. I am so glad I jumped in. Such valuable information to help us not only reach our health goals, but more importantly to maintain them, which I feel is exactly what this has given me. The group was amazing both for support and accountability.


You might only want to lose a couple of pounds and find out what's keeping you stuck, or you may have bigger goals, this group works for both ends of the spectrum.


I can highly recommend ♥

GF 15/10/2019

 Jeni’s knowledge of health and nutrition is boundless and utterly refreshing! She was always on hand with useful advice and information. I loved taking part and was sad to see the end of the course!


Because with Jeni’s assistance I’d managed to take multiple inches off my waist and hips which had sat there for years and through multiple diets.


Not only was I slimmer but I really did feel superb! I was sleeping brilliantly and generally felt energised and focused. Perhaps most importantly, I’d been given the tools to continue myself. Highly recommended!

NT-B 14/02/2019

I can highly recommend Jen and her 6 week to superb plan, little changes can make a big difference, I felt so much better in myself through doing the programme and managed to lose a stone whilst doing so.


I feel I have a much better understanding of food thanks to Jen!

LH 14/02/2019

After contacting Jeni for help, she was able to arrange some in-depth testing procedures (not currently available through the NHS) to shed light on some issues needing to be addressed.


Alongside this, my nutrition has improved substantially thanks to her suggestions of alternative ways to get healthier foods into my daily diet, which in turn has given me better progress in the gym, and prevents those afternoon energy slumps - it’s made a very worthwhile difference. Thanks Jeni 😁

PC 21/05/2019

I went to Jeni as I always felt tired during work in the day and also felt I digested food too quickly.  Jeni was attentive throughout our consultation and also very thorough in finding out my history which I didn’t even know was important!

As soon as I changed my eating habits I noticed the difference immediately and the tablets helped regulate my digestive system.

Thank you Jeni, these changes have really helped me become more productive during the day and also think about what foods I am putting in my body!

LP 06/09/2018

I went to see Jeni to get help with getting advice on creating a healthy lifestyle and eating habits because I have depression.

I was blown away with the consultation.


I was not expecting the time and depth Jeni spent talking with me. I really felt she wanted to hear my struggles and knew what questions to ask and was really empathetic.


Its thought provoking and looks at a lot of different aspects of your life. Jeni has a world of knowledge. I was grateful for Jeni letting me voice my concerns and goals and really listened to what I had to say! I’m so excited to get my plan.

EG 03/09/2018

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